Wheat Warmers

Pleasant warmth and relaxation.

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Natural Choices

Set your table with fine linen napkins.

Enjoy the Linen Series

Matching and stylish towels in pure linen.

Towels for kitchen and bath room

Warming and calming. Available as a pirate, pig, teddy and fox.

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Natural Raw Materials

Honesty and a natural simplicity are at the heart of the business.

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Our wheat warmers and the Linen Series are made of 100% pure linen in Insjön, Dalarna. The selection of wheat warmers include small and large, sweethearts, lavender hearts and friends for kids. For the home, we have towels, napkins, coffee filters and aprons. They are sewn in more than 25 colours. Beautiful and timeless products for yourself and your loved ones.

The Linen Series is a collection of timeless products for a natural lifestyle and beautiful interiors.
The collection is made in Sweden and sewn in pure linen.

In the Linen Series for the kitchen: tea towels with or without embroidery, coffee filter and napkins. We also make cross-back and bistro aprons in one size fits all.

For the bathroom: Kimono in one size and bath towels in two sizes.

All in pure linen and more than 25 colours.

SwedenInteriors-002© Niki Schuch-hi-res
SwedenInteriors-013© Niki Schuch-hi-res

The Spa Series in made by hand in Sweden using natural raw materials. We use almond oil, shea butter, himalaya salt, essential oil and vegetable wax to create beneficial soaps and bath products.

We have made a careful selection of 10 scents each represented by a number in the Spa Series.

Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 contain essential oils and are available as soap, liquid soap, scented candles, bath salt, body oil and bath oil.

Numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 contain a mix of essential and fragrance oils and are available as soap, liquid soap and scented candles.

Terrible Twins is pure craftsmanship. We make products for natural well-being and beautiful interiors. Our collections are available in our own store and via distributors around the world. Terrible Twins was founded by designers and product developers Sara and Karin Ström. We are based in the entrepreneurial town of Insjön in scenic Dalarna, Sweden.

Terrible Twins, Sara och Karin Ström


All Terrible Twins wheat warmers, heat packs and linen products are pure craftsmanship – they are sewn in Insjön. Our Spa Series is made by hand. Honesty and a natural simplicity are at the heart of the business.


Terrible Twins make products for natural well-being and beautiful interiors. Our products are made using carefully selected, natural ingredients of the highest quality: organic wheat and pure linen.


The products are manufactured locally in close collaboration with local suppliers. The collections are available in our own shop as well as through retailers across the world. The company is based in the heart of the Swedish countryside in the scenic county of Dalarna.