The Terrible Twins Spa Series is crafted by hand in Sweden using natural ingredients. We use almond oil, shea butter, himalaya salt, essential oils and vegetable wax to create a collection of beneficial soap and bath products.

We have carefully selected 10 fragrances each represented by a number.

1 – Lavender

2 – Sea Buckthorn & Birch

3 – Pomegranate

4 – Jasmine & Orange

5 – Pure Linen

6 – Musk

7 – Flowers

8 – Chique

9 – Summer

0 – Snow

Numbers 1,2,3 and 4 contain essential oils and are available as soaps, liquid soaps, scented candles, bath salts and bath oils.

Numbers 5,6,7,8,9 and 0 contain a mixture of essential and fragrance oils and are available as soaps, liquid soaps and scented candles.

The Spa Series natural soaps are crafted and cut by hand and left to dry. This is how each bar of soap becomes a unique product and can differ slightly in size, shape and weight. The soaps are packaged in brown, recycled paper boxes with the number of the scent printed on the front of the box in the Spa Series bespoke, bold typography.

The bath oils contain almond oil that is gently moisturising. The bath salts are made using himalaya salt that is rich in minerals and cleansing. The bath salts are packaged in practical amber brown apothecary jars and the bath oil is poured into stylish amber glass laboratory bottles with a glass stopper.

Our scented candles are made exclusively using vegetable wax and are poured by hand in reusable amber brown glass jars with a black screw-on lid.